Dads’ Army – Today at the RAR National Memorial Walk (NMW)

By way of introduction the NMW is the Regiment’s memorial to those who died while serving overseas. It is  located within Gallipoli Barracks at Enoggera Brisbane and is maintained by a group of dedicated veteran warriors every Monday morning.

Here is today’s report from the Curator Paul ‘Wombat” Gallagher.

Very busy day again at the Walk with a good roll up of our regulars as well as a welcome return from Robert Cross and a visit from Alan Wayne! Alan still works in security at the Base and comes in when his shift suits!

Julian Shaw and Peter Brennan

What struck me was the co-ordination that went on in that trees were being cut down and no sooner had the branches hit the ground, there was a crew following up to mulch it all straight into the tree area!

Then a couple of blokes came along and dug holes ready for the seven new trees and then these same blokes planted three new trees!

You don’t get that sort of co-operation and   efficiency other than ‘well trained Diggers’!!

Mick van Brugh

Paul Gallagher

Today’s pics illustrate that work! On other fronts thing just got   done by other ‘well trained Diggers’ as well as a couple of super efficient Lasses!

Come smoko I must apologise for being a tad vague as I’d just been hit on the shoulder by that post hold digger when it sruck a large tree root and belted me!

I neglected to let you know that I’d spoken to Rod Wyatt on the weekend and the Golden Staph infection he has contracted is still with him but a stronger antibiotic has been prescribed to fight it! His nursing wife, Ros is looking after him but he is itching to get back to the Walk! However there is an old Rugby League saying – “It’s the back up that beats them Every time” and that’s where Arthur  Willemse (mower) and Mick and Rod Newham (leaf blowers) step up and cover for Rod Wyatt.

Rod Newham, Alan Wayne and Robert Cross

I also spoke to our old mate Tom Elliott and he’s travelling OK with a few medical issues still haunting him but all of his ‘stuff’ will keep him away for good but he still wishes to be kept informed on DA!

I also wish to thank the crew who clean up after us come smoko and wash all the cups and store everything away! Truly appreciated and whilst not spoken of often – never taken for granted! We all know who they are – Thanks heaps! Also Dave McDonald and Margaret for supplying excellent munchies every week!

Look for this on the DA facebook page and give it a ‘like’ if you  wish! Tell your mates as any publicity is good publicity!

Don’t forget to support Robert  Cross and the RCB Review Group’s campaign for an independent public enquiry into the nature of their service. Follow it on the RCB Facebook here . You can help by  encouraging your family and friends to supporting it

‘Til next week, keep your gunpowder dry and pray for rain


PS. Visitors are welcome. Contact Dave McDonald [email protected]  for details

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Access to the RAR National Memorial Walk – Gallipoli Barracks Enoggera Brisbane

This information applies to all persons wanting to visit The Walk except for those attending approved activities where an approved person from the Association is acting as escort.

Entry to Gallipoli Barracks is through the Security Office at Lloyd St, Enoggera where you advise the staff that you want to visit the Walk. You will be required to complete the entry documentation that requires you to produce photographic identification (driver’s licence etc), to be photographed and issued with a Pass and to watch a 10 minute Barrack Security and Safety orientation video. The staff will call the duty room of the on call duty Battalion (either 6 or 8/9 RAR) who will provide an escort for you during your visit.

To arrange a planned visit with an RARA escort please contact the RARAQ Secretary Greg Decker [email protected]



The Royal Australian Regiment National Memorial Walk is a ‘living” memorial to commemorate those soldiers who have died while serving overseas with the Regiment. View the Roll of Honour here.

To commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Regiment’s formation, The Royal Australian Regiment Association built the National Memorial Walk and Contemplation Building at Gallipoli Barracks, Enoggera , Queensland , from funds provided by public donation, assistance from the Federal and Queensland Governments, Brisbane City Council and RAR State and Unit Association members. The Governor General of the Commonwealth of Australia, His Excellency Sir William Deane, AC, KBE dedicated it in memory of our fallen comrades on Sunday 22 November 1998. View the Construction and Development here.

Many of the Regiment dead are buried overseas in Japan, Korea and Malaysia, and relatives and friends are unable to visit the graves of their loved ones. This Walk provides a place of solace and focus within Australia for the commemoration of the sacrifices made by our men.
The Walk consists of an avenue 700 metres long flanked by more than 1000 native Australian trees. The Walk is divided into operational theatre areas.

The inscription on the entrance stones at Sadlier Street and Regiment Way says:
“In Australia they will remember me. Here is their spirit, in the land they loved. And here we guard the record which they themselves made.”
– G.E.W. Bean, Official War Historian.

At the base of selected trees is an individual plaque bearing the name and details of each of the 695 members of the Regiment who have died on overseas service. The Contemplation Building provides a place for contemplation and remembrance. The building is used for community remembrance activities on Anzac Day, anniversaries of Battle Honours, campaigns and unit birthdays. On its forecourt, at the base of the flagpole, is a plaque commemorating those men who died while training in Australia.

A BBQ area, Diggers’ Rest, is a popular social gathering point for many activities.

Since the official opening in November 1998, over 10,000 people have attended on special days and individual visits.

The Walk’s maintenance is the responsibility of RAR Association (Qld). The appointed Curator Kiwi Gibbons and his wife Margaret Gibbons, OAM give loving attention to the task.

The RAR National Memorial Image Gallery
(Click on the photos to enlarge)
A dedicated group of men (Dads’ Army) attend every Monday morning to cut grass, rake leaves, trim trees, tidy the building and do general maintenance tasks while other groups from the unit RAR associations come on a monthly scheduled basis. Capital improvements and maintenance is funded from grants, contributions and donations from DVA, the State and unit associations and visitors.

The Memorial Walk has become a special place for members, ex-members, relatives and friends of The Royal Australian Regiment. It is recognised as our spiritual home.

Path Layout Gallipoli Barracks – Enoggera
Queensland War Memorial Register

The Queensland War Memorial Register is a Queensland Government website which includes a comprehensive list of War memorials within Queensland, including the RAR National Memorial Walk.

Last Updated: 14 July 2010