George Mansford

History tells us that with few exceptions, our past generations have all been exposed to significant challenges and won. Through […]

War can never be divorced from the terrible misery it brings, not only to combatants but their loved ones as […]

I am of the view that our troops returning home from active service find it a huge challenge to adjust […]

 There will be a large gathering in a country town called Biggenden to farewell one of Australia’s best, a professional […]

History tells us of cheering crowds on the day we became as one A proud flag signalling that the pulse […]

                  Life’s Journey At last I have reached the peak The final goal of life, to rest, no more to […]

In recent times, my talks with youngsters of varying ages in North Queensland continue to reinforce my views of their […]

It is easy to write of an old soldier such as Ron Perkins who demonstrated strong qualities of life including […]

Enough is enough. Today, we are seeing new rules of engagement being developed to appease a few and which are […]

Today, on behalf of all who at one time or another served under such an outstanding officer, I now write […]