The 9,000 men of Rifle Company Butterworth (RCB) are fighting to have their deployment and its risks recognised as warlike […]

President’s Message We have had a busy period since the last ENews, some good and some sad.Remembrance Day at The […]

This is the personal account of Private Sean Arthur’s experience as a Rifleman at RCB in 5 Platoon, Bravo Company […]

This is an Update on activities reported in Update 2/2019 Legal Conference Arising from the telephone conference meeting with our barrister […]

Minister, we offer our congratulations to you on our Government’s decision to commission an independent inquiry to examine the information provided by […]

As a veteran of almost 48 yrs military service, the last 24 of which I served as a Chaplain , […]

ON the night of December 7-8 1941, Japanese forces began invading Malaya, hours before the attack on US territory Pearl […]

Yesterday, Friday 13th July the RCBRG sent the following to those named and all politicians in the belief that they […]

Our letter to all Parliamentarians dated 2 February 2018 has finally resulted in this formal decision reply from Vice Admiral […]

Senator Brian Burston  (PHONP) presented Questions On Notice re RCB submissions to the Defence Minister, Sen, Marisse Payne on 15th […]