Tribute to the Vietnam Veterans Finally Returning Home to Australia

Slideshow Productions tribute to our fallen Aussie heroes of the Vietnam war finally returning home where they belong. R.I.P.

Long Tan Cross Display

As you already know, the original Long Tan Cross, erected by 6 RAR on the 3rd anniversary of the Long Tan Battle, is being loaned by the Vietnamese government to the Australian War Memorial.


Harry Smith has advised


“I have been told the AWM LT Cross display will be on the afternoon of the 17th August. That date has been set so as to facilitate people attending the Canberra VVAA National Memorial service on the morning of the 18th, as in 2006. This year is devoted mainly to AATTV, given 50 years since the first 30 Advisers went to SVN.


As earlier, I am seeking to get all the soldiers at the 1969 Cross ceremony there. They have first priority. I am also seeking to get a representative group, total “about” thirty all up, from, say, Aust A Coy (5), B (3), and D (9) Coy 6RAR, APCs (3) and NZ Arty (3), Aust Arty (3), plus USAF (1), US Arty (1), and 9 Sqn RAAF (2). Former OC Admin then A Coy Maj O’Brien rang me and wishes to be included as he was in one of the ammo helicopters. He has just been in hospital for 2 months.


Given the recent reduction in funds by the PM, we may not fare well.”


I will advise as I learn of further developments however in the meantime, you may wish to alert members, particularly those of the battalion’s second tour who were instrumental in the erection and dedication of what has become an Australian icon of the Vietnam war.



Graham Smith

Vietnam Veterans Commemorative Walk

In Seymour Victoria. the Mitchell Sub Branch is still heavily involved in the construction of Vietnam Veterans Commemorative Walk, a project to name all 62,100 people who went to Vietnam, with a small hole next to each name for a Poppy. We are looking at walls made from polished granite although our original idea was stainless steel (found out it will only last for about 20 years, we want something permanent)

Spotted Gum trees will be planted plantation style to resemble rubber trees and grasses to represent rice paddies. We already have a Centurion Tank and an M2A2 howitzer as artefacts and are working on more, like a Huey, a 40/60 Bofors mount and a few other irons in the fire.

We have engaged a Project Manager to organise the various State bodies acting as speed humps to the completion of the Walk, and by the time you read this the tenders should have been let for the design and construction of the walls and landscaping. If all goes to plan the construction will be completed by December this year.

We are aiming for an early to mid-march 2013 opening of the second stage of the Walk so keep your eyes peeled and your ears open for confirmation of this function and keep that time-space open for what should be a big day of Commemoration. There has been a few of the entertainers of that period of our lives contact us and we may be able to put on a concert as part of the day. That will send shivers down your back.

We have had a terrific response from vets wanting their names on the Walls, very heartening. Just remember, if your name is on the DVA database, your name will be on the Walls. Some are not on the AWM list or the VVAA Victoria list but are on DVA, I’ve had to check a few just to make sure. If in doubt check the DVA nominal roll.


The engraved pavers are still open and will remain so for all this year at least. After that and if it is feasible we may be able to still have pavers replace some of the Red Scoria path in places. We will see.

Ross Gregson


Vietnam Veterans Commemorative Walk

e. [email protected]

Korean War – Dedication of Queensland Korean War Memorial

Korean War


Dedication of Queensland Korean War Memorial

9.30 AM Saturday 20th August 2011

Cascade Gardens, Gold Coast, Queensland

(2730 Gold Coast Hwy, Broadbeach QLD 4218 )


Dress – Jackets, medals, Blue Beret (if entitled) and name badge please


Wreaths – may be laid



NO parking available in the Cascade Gardens park

FREE parking is available at adjoining Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre


FYI attached for Korean and other veterans.


Korean veterans – all replies direct to:


Maurie Pears

Project Co-ordinator

M 0408 971 007

E [email protected]


Queensland Korean War Memorial Warning Order 2 May 2011.pdf Download this file

Queensland Korean War Memorial Warning Order 9 May 2011.pdf Download this file

Queensland Korean War Memorial SITREP 110703.pdf Download this file

Sergeant Todd Matthew Langley



 Our condolences to Reigan and their children



to parents Val and Neville Langley.



The RAR Family

A Warrior’s Farewell

Go now and travel beyond the void
Seek the green column and when you meet
See once more those smiling faces
Hear again laughter and sounds of marching feet

No more the visions of the bloody past
Gone are the nightmares and lingering pain
Soon you will be home at long, long last
United with fallen comrades once again

And when the final roll is called
Another page of history complete
You will rest with brave spirits such as they
In a camp where you will find restful sleep

Go swiftly now and seek your past
Your duty done for all to tell
With pride of who and what you were
And now we bid you a fond farewell

(George Mansford – December 2007)