Poem – Regimental Square ANZAC Day, 2017

I thought “I’ll march this Anzac Day,”

To Sydney thus I’ll make my way.

But then, to set my medals straight,

I pause a moment at my gate

To ponder ‘neath the starry sky

On where I’m going to and why.

To there, the Square on George Street.

The place where all we blokes do meet.

To greet once more to have a say,

Gathered there on Anzac Day,

To think for moments in that Square

About the men no longer there.



No longer there but always there

These ghostly memories on the Square.

Their presence felt as we give thanks,

Shuffling, murmuring in their ranks,

And as the bugle calls last post

We proudly stiffen with that host.

Standing tall with all those men

Who link our presence now with then;

Their bayonets, bullets, marching feet

Providing terms on which we meet:

Our bridge, our nexus, common ground

For sharing with them that sweet sound

Which gently fades away.

The Royal Australian Regiment Place

The Blessing and Dedication of The Royal Australian Regiment Memorial took place on 24th March 2017 at The Royal Australian Regiment Place, Ferguson Park ENOGGERA in Brisbane, it is a public memorial for the people of Brisbane.  It was officially opened by His Excellency, General the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove AK MC (Retd).

The Regiment’s National Memorial Walk is considered the spiritual home of the Regiment. However recent security restrictions on entry to the Gallipoli Barracks has created a major barrier in allowing the public to be able to visit it.

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As a result it was decided to build a public RAR memorial in a suitable location close to the military base with all its history from the Boer War to the present, with easy access by public transport via Gaythorne Railway Station, 300 meters away and a Bus service which passes the memorial.

Brisbane City Council were very supportive and agreed to Ferguson Park becoming the preferred location allowing The Regiment to co-name our portion of the Park as The Royal Australian Regiment Place.  DVA also were instrumental in the Memorial becoming a reality through their approval of our application for a Saluting Their Service Grant.

The Memorial was designed by RARA (Qld) President Brigadier Neil Weekes AM MC (Retd) who passed away on 6th March just prior to the dedication and offical opening.  He was to host the event with this duty falling to his Deputy and now President RARA (Qld) Lieutenant Colonel EA (Ted) Chitham MC OAM (Retd).

The memorial was erected by Stonemason Peter Wrafter who does all our masonry at the NMW.  On the reverse side of The Memorial are the names and dates of RAR’s operational deployments

A feature of The Memorial is the gold inlay of the images against the black granite, at night, ground lights illuminate the images that from a distance in a moving car on Samford Road attract the eye with a certain spookiness that provokes thought and awareness of service and sacrifice of those who have served in The Royal Australian Regiment and put their “Duty First”.

All gave some, some gave their all, “Lest we Forget”

The Memorial will be maintained by the RARAQ’s Dads’ Army.

All requests to use The Royal Australian Regiment Place at Ferguson Park for a formal activity should be directed to the Secretary RARA Qld ([email protected])