A Current Affair – Our Forgotten Heroes (Cont)

Julie-Ann Finney says the Navy deserted her son Dave, and it cost him his life.

We’ve been following her campaign for a Royal Commission into the crisis affecting our veterans.

Today, the Minister for Veterans’ Affairs held a special summit at Parliament House in Canberra.

Watch the video report here

26th June 2019

The Fighting Season – Premieres Sunday, October 28 at 8.30pm

Fighting Season, is a new six-part event TV drama about Australian soldiers that will premiere Sunday, October 28 at 8.30pm on Fox Showcase or you can stream it on Foxtel Now.

Set in 2010, a platoon of soldiers returns from Afghanistan after a controversial mission where their commander was killed.

Fighting Season is the story of these men, the unfolding mystery of what really happened, and importantly the impact keeping this secret has on them and their families. It delves into the real impact of trying to re-integrate into civilian and family life, and how our soldiers and their families continue to be affected both mentally and physically when they return home from war.

You don’t stop fighting just because you’re home.


These stories are important, a significant part of our modern history that until now have not been explored in the drama space on our TV screens.  It is equally important to the producers that the military community, both serving and ex, have the opportunity to see their lives represented on our drama screens.



Episodes 1 & 2 will also be screened at the Veteran’s Film Festival on November 3, with a Q&A with some of the cast and crew to take place after the screening.




Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id-rLivZuQs

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/fightingseasononfoxtel/


Peter Haran 2 RAR – Vietnam Revisisted Videos

Peter Haran served in 2RAR May 67 – June 68 and 3RAR Feb 71 – Oct 71.

The four videos cover his trips back to Nui-Dat .

Climbing Nui Dat – https://youtu.be/NhBBSfGtKn4?list=RDNhBBSfGtKn4

Tracker Dog in a Minefield – https://youtu.be/Xet4ijKvVgo?list=RDNhBBSfGtKn4







Land Mines in the Light Green – https://youtu.be/PUCOHxun7LI?list=RDNhBBSfGtKn4

Red Mud and barbed Wire – https://youtu.be/70YdRgjpIyA?list=RDNhBBSfGtKn4

VIDEO – #Vetrans Clawback – CSC & The Banking Royal Commission


The only significant Superannuation Organisation NOT included in the Australian Banking Royal Commission is the Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation. The CSC. It manages our Military Super.

The Defence Community has been pleading for the Turnbull Govt to give them a Fair Go – just like all other Australians – and have their super fund scrutinised like the all others.

The Labor Opposition supports the call for a Fair Go.

The Govt has dug in and says the CSC is “well regulated and scrutinised.” That’s what they said about the banks!

With elections looming the Defence Community wishes to see who is going to fight for us.
Please call your local Federal MP and ask for their support and participate in our ADSO actions.

Video – Spirit of the Anzacs






RCB Website Live

Welcome to the RCB’s website

It is the communications control centre for the RCB Review Group’s management of Operation “Exposure” which aims to have the Government declare RCB service as warlike or failing that to appoint an independent (of Government) public inquiry into the rightful recognition of the nature of RCB military service.

The Reference menu provides the time-line of and access to all our submissions with evidence, the Government’s  replies and our responses to them. Check it out here

We encourage your support by direct engagement in having your say direct to us and to Federal MPs/Senator on all matters associated with RCB service. If you have additional evidence to that already revealed here then please tell us.

American Veteran Moment

Published on May 25, 2012 by 

A forgotten US Vietnam Veteran’s sacrifice receives unexpected honor when he meets an active-duty soldier.

Find your moment at www.Moments.org


Modern Marvels S08E46 Tunnels Of Vietnam

This “You Tube” video was first shown on the History Channel and is about the tunnels in Vietnam.

Although this is a US made video it has a lot about the Aussie involvement with interviews from members of 3Field Troop RAE.

It runs for 44 mins but is worth the time.



Tribal elder – Mike von Berg MC