Warrior Poets

History tells us that with few exceptions, our past generations have all been exposed to significant challenges and won. Through […]

War can never be divorced from the terrible misery it brings, not only to combatants but their loved ones as […]

I am of the view that our troops returning home from active service find it a huge challenge to adjust […]

President’s Message We have had a busy period since the last ENews, some good and some sad.Remembrance Day at The […]

It is 35 years since the last major dam was built, yet our population has been  increasing at an alarming […]

In the gloom of each day when it’s dyingStanding to is the normal routine.A time which I use for reflectingOn […]

When tracer snarls about your earsBecause the bastard knows your there.When so much noise explodes the fearsAnd drills take over […]

     At the beginning of World One, a very young Australia was still struggling for identity with an old […]

I once overheard some colleagues bemoaning the introduction of a new rifle, not because of its small caliber but because […]

The well aimed shot, the instinctive kill,Return the same intrinsic thrill.To see it twitch then lie quite still,Was once the […]