DFRDB e-Petition to the Government – Commutation Anomaly

This petition goes directly to the Parliament.  All servicemen,servicewomen, their spouses widows/widowers, who contributed to the DFRDB scheme are affected by this anomaly, Even our partners will be paying this impost until they die if we predecease them.

 This  is an opportunity for you and your partner to have your say and help correct this anomaly. And if it doesn’t affect you then please help those who are affected by signing the petition


Defence Veterans of Australia, as Commutation recipients of the DFRDB Scheme administered by Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation, petition the House of Representatives to  instate the National Life Expectancy data  point of each affected veteran as the point where full reinstatement of their Commutation obligation is fulfilled: and, to reimburse to each DFRDB veteran, all over-subscribed payments forfeited by direct debit by them, once their original lump sum was repaid in full.

The DFRDB Authority failed to disclose to veterans the whole-of-life impost of a Lump Sum Commutation   on superannuation payments reduced by a factor, based on redundant Notional Life Expectancy  data and an individual’s Service data. Limited disclosure of the whole-of-life deductions was made by DFRDB,  37 years after the Scheme was launched, but never to members so affected.
Direct debit by DFRDB has been incremented and escalated over time, to a level where the original lump sum has been reimbursed multiple times. This effectively means that veterans are subsidising their own benefits.
There was no definition of the term ‘commutation’ within the legislation or in any document provided by DFRDB to superannuants, until its disclosure advised above. The direct debits were shown in the legislation and the DFRDB’s Administrative Manual to be a finite amount, not an escalating continuum .
On advice from DFRDB Administration all superannuants understood Commutation as an advance of Benefits to be reimbursed to DFRDB by fortnightly debits over a finite period and at a finite rate. How deluded Veterans were through DFRDB’s failure to disclose their interpretation of the Legislation, before the fact, thereby committing Veterans to an ever increasing, spiraling, life-term DEBT-SENTENCE.



  1. Was told that I would have to pay untill I was 72 the average age for males,would not have commuted had I known I would pay for ever

  2. Fix this travesty!

  3. Bronwyn Self says:

    I am a CSC member (who is fortune to be part of CSS / on a defined benefit pension but only by chance and lucky timing) and am appalled at the inequity of issues covered by this petition. I have friends who can not afford basics, holidays are luxuries, they struggle to provide for their chikdren. They are also worried about their spouse/partner if the veterans pre-deceases them. My background is in Army Reserve so my petitioning is to help my friends and their mates. Until this is fixed I will continue to contribute all my spare pension money to help prevent unemployment and homelessness among veteran community.

  4. Mick Ryan says:

    I agree with the petition

    • Gladys LORRAINE White says:

      So do I !!** My late husband was under DFRDB and I am receiving a pension because I was a Public Servant under CSS!!

  5. Matthew Hirst says:

    For the sacrifice we give it is time to give back

  6. Ross Macdonald says:

    I don’t agree that there should be any ‘deductions’ to what was essentially set up as a pension fund.

  7. Greg Shinners says:

    Yes it affected me big time,l have payed back hundreds of thousands of dollars,above the lump sum l received and was then Lied To about once l had payed the lump sum back my pension would reverts back to normal , bloody lying bastard

  8. Michael Busby says:

    This is nothing less than government sanctioned theft.

  9. Sydney Ellis says:

    I support this.

  10. Ronald Germain says:

    didn’t know that

  11. Anthony Dickinson says:

    This is so unfair!
    Why were we not informed originally?
    Details of commutation were NEVER explained to us fully!

  12. Kelvin Bryant says:

    I would like to be kept up to date with all information on this matter please.

  13. Daryl Roe says:

    Please act on this promptly, or are you pollies waiting for us all to die?

  14. Sandra Robken says:

    This should be corrected

  15. Sonia McCarthy says:

    Play fair!

  16. Those in parliament since the Whitlam government have continued to show their hatred towards members of or ex members of the defence forces of Australia. Devoid of morals and or ethics they take what is rightfully mine so they can have a very substantial pension. The time has come to rid themselves of this lie they live with.

  17. kaye stapleton says:

    Servicemen,servicewomen, their spouses widows/widowers, who contributed to the DFRDB scheme are affected by this anomaly,

  18. Lloyd Edward Turner says:


  19. Alex Dalco says:

    Government sends them away to fight for Australia. but, Australia dosn’t fight for them when they get back. Any Service man or woman from Defence, police, fire or ambulance should be given the same retirement package as politicians get. Sad sad place Australia….

  20. Ian Gilmore says:

    I have been on DFRDB pension after commutation from 1986, still on reduced pension and I am 76 years old.

  21. Sean Robinson says:

    This needs to be addressed ASAP…..too many times have military personnel had their benefits stripped away leaving them struggling financially…….

  22. Brad Hampton says:

    About time this is addressed.

  23. Scott Batina says:

    I agree with the petition.

  24. WE Harrison says:

    I support this petition.

  25. Laurie Batt says:

    The Government should pay us because when they needed us we where there for them now we need them to act for us so do the right thing pay

  26. Walter Bellamy says:

    I support the petition

  27. J haywardjohn says:


  28. Clifford SMITH CAJ says:

    A fair go.

  29. Barry Lansdown says:

    The claim is completely correct. In 1985 I attended several discharges seminars where we were told that on discharge we could commute 4 years of our DFRDB pension to assist us in reestablishing our selves in civilian life. It was also stated that the commutation component was to be paid back at a fortnightly rate until the member reached their average life expectancy (I believe at that time it was 68 years). There WAS NEVER , I MEAN NEVER any information provided that the commutation payment/loan repayment was for the whole of life of the Service person. AND certainly no information that the spouse of the service person would continue to pay that commutation if she precedes her service partner. I fully support the petition.
    The politicians rave on how they value our service Well if they do, then lets see some action from them regarding this unjust screwing of past service persons pensions and correct the anomaly.

  30. Time for ADSO to support this DFRDB-COMMUTATION CAMPAIGN by encouraging all member organisations to sign this petition and increase the pressure on Government to resolve this matter

  31. Clive de Ridder says:

    I strongly agree with this petition. I retired in 1983 after twenty years of service. We were told about commutation, be never told that the deductions would be for the life of the pension. To continue to take money out of a widows pension is beyond belief. I know this fight has been going on for years and has been resisted at all stages. Time to RIGHT THIS WRONG.

  32. Michael J Mummery says:

    I retired in 1984 and like others wonder when this will end.

  33. Linden Miller says:

    I support this petition

  34. David Catterall says:

    Like many others, commuted part of my Pension way back in 1985 and am still paying; 32 years later!
    It is unfair that this will continue forever; my ‘loan’ has been ‘well & truly’ paid back!
    Fix it now!

  35. Heather Mau says:

    My hubby retired in 1993 and passed away in 2006 I receive 5/8 of his superannuation pension that he paid into for 20 years so not fair this needs fixing now

  36. Wayne Salisbury says:

    I strongly agree with this partition. I retired in 2000 after 28 Yrs of service. When will it end!

  37. Garry Hugo says:

    I fully support this petition

  38. Pat Mildren says:

    I served from 1957 to 1978. On discharge we were informed that we had to wait until we collected our first pension, (usually took one month) and then we could commute four years lump sum. This was to assist us into civilian life, er buying a house etc. This reduced my pension by an amount that would see me repay the commuted amount when i reached my life expectancy date. From memory this date was my mid sixties. I am still paying it at age 79.

  39. Brian McKenzie says:

    This situation should have been included in the Banks Royal Commission, so why wasn’t it?

  40. Brad Cronk says:

    Appalling. I was not aware, until now, that the lump sum benefit was in fact a life sentence of debt. So, without full disclosure how could we be expected to make an informed decision. Beggars belief.

  41. Gary Lock CSC says:

    Not happy, like most was not given information on on paying back any commutation.

  42. Douglas Roy Clark says:

    I support this petition after 20 years of service and leaving in 1981 I don’t recall any advice or documents in regards to commutation and associated repayments.

  43. John C BENNETT says:

    I support this petition.

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