Media’s Right to Know Campaign. When the Government hides the truth from you what are they covering up? The front […]

When tracer snarls about your earsBecause the bastard knows your there.When so much noise explodes the fearsAnd drills take over […]

     At the beginning of World One, a very young Australia was still struggling for identity with an old […]

I once overheard some colleagues bemoaning the introduction of a new rifle, not because of its small caliber but because […]

The well aimed shot, the instinctive kill,Return the same intrinsic thrill.To see it twitch then lie quite still,Was once the […]

One morning safe in barracks while sitting on the loo,Our Colonel, who’d put duty first, was wondering what to do.Now, […]

Unmanned aerial vehicles, more commonly called drones, are now a fundamental part of defence force capability, from intelligence gathering to unmanned […]

At the moment our farmers, graziers and their families and communities are doing it tough in this drought. They need […]

Beside that track in jungle green(Bare the bayonet, beat the drum.).Sweat-soaked, dirty, thus unseen(Bare the bayonet, beat the drum.).These young […]

We are saddened to advise that Phil Gould died suddenly of a cardiac arrest at home last Monday afternoon. Our […]

Last night I spoke with Caesar’s ghost.We’d quaffed a glass or two of wine.But then the bastard made a boast,How […]

THE investigation into alleged war crimes by Australian special forces soldiers in Afghanistan has taken an interminable time with no […]