This Part lists websites not included in other Parts of this Bibliography. Researchers need to remain aware that the currency of such sources can change, and even disappear.


Army National

Offical Army website at

Official School of Infantry Facebook

Australian Army – Centre for Army Lessons (CAL)

The Army Lessons Board provides for a way to improve training by enabling serving ADF personnel to access and offer advice and contributions towards continually improving performance through the Centre for Army Lessons (CAL). See [email protected] . Directly applicable to and focussed on RAR members, from whom much of the material actually comes, especially on recent operational experience and lessons learned. This is currently limited to people with access to the Defence Restricted Network, however, researchers are advised to monitor the Army website for future possible expansion to enable Unclassified access to some content.

Australian Army – The Cove

The Cove is a professional development resource for the Australian Profession of Arms, introduced in 2017.  It is designed to help military professionals sharpen their skills, connect with peers and allies, and develop new concepts and ideas for consideration. It is also available to the entire community (see conditions on line) including retired/ex-soldiers. Contains a wealth of ever-expanding reading and other data sources including doctrine, and invites contributions.

Australian War Memorial – Military Honours and Awards to Australians

See all such awards made to Australians for military service at

Includes RAR members.

National RAR Association

Official website is located at

Official Facebook is located at

Official YouTube is located at

Offical Twitter is located at

Duty First Facebook at

Queensland Association

Home page at

Association Facebook at

Dads Army Facebook at

New South Wales Association

Home page at

Association Facebook at

Australian Capital Territory Association

Home page at

Victorian Association

Home page at

Association Facebook at

Tasmanian Association

Home page at

South Australian Association

Home page at

Northern Territory Association

Home page at

West Australian Association

Home page at


Official Army website at


1 RAR Association

Home page at

Association Facebook at 


Official Army website at

2 RAR Association

Home page at

Association Facebook at


Official Army website at


3 RAR Association

Home page at

Association Facebook at

4 RAR Association

Home page at


Official Army website at

5 RAR Association

Home page at

Association Facebook at

Soldiers Facebook group at


Official Army website at

6 RAR Association

Home page at

Association Facebook at


Official Army website at

Offical Army Facebook

7 RAR Association

Home page at

Association Facebook at

8 RAR Association

Home page at

9 RAR Association

Home page at

Association Facebook at

2/4 RAR Association

Home page at

Association Facebook at

8/9 RAR

Official Army website at

 8/9 RAR Association

Home page at

Association Facebook at

5/7 RAR Association

Home page at

Association Facebook at

AUSTRALIAN WAR MEMORIAL – South East Asian Conflicts Diaries – AWM95, Class 7

Commanders’ diaries were prepared by officers commanding headquarters, units, and detachments serving in Malaya and Singapore, Sarawak-Brunei-Sabah, and South Vietnam, as a record of operational activity during service abroad. The aim of the diary was to provide data on which to base future improvements in army training, equipment, organisation, and administration, and to provide future historians with a record of activities of units and formations in operational periods.


Includes 2 Battalion Royal Australian Regiment/New Zealand

Includes 4 Battalion Royal Australian Regiment/New Zealand

Includes 6 Battalion Royal Australian Regiment/New Zealand


< >

Contact Virtual War Memorial

 An initiative of the RSL – South Australia, this website is a virtual war memorial. Examination of the home page at enables the researcher to locate and explore any war involving Australians, including every conflict including the RAR. Interactive, allowing Australians to get involved and capture important stories and images that might not otherwise get recorded in material museums where storage space can be limited and staff finite in their capacity.

COSGROVE, Peter – General Cosgrove: A very ordinary conversation

Harper Collins Publishers, Pymble NSW, 2010


Boyer lectures; 109 pages.

A collection of six lectures that provide an insight into the mind of the (then) future Governor-General of Australia, himself a former member of the RAR. Located at


Alliance of Defence Service Organisation: Korean War: Julie Bishop n renewed push to find 43 Australian Servicemen still missing in action

Provides basic information on 23 RAR members still MIA from Korea


While on active service, Army headquarters, formations and units are required to keep a unit war diary recording their daily activities. Archival series AWM85 comprises the diaries of 28 British Commonwealth Infantry Brigade, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Battalions, The Royal Australian Regiment (RAR), and some miscellaneous support units, created during their involvement in the Korean War

Department of Veterans Affairs – Battle of the Hook – first and second battalions Royal Australian Regiment


Summary of the battle, the brunt of the enemy attack 24-26 July 1953 taken by 2 RAR, is provided at . Also known as the Battle of Samichon.

Department of Veterans’ Affairs – The Korean War


SOUTH EAST ASIA 1950-current

(includes Malaya, Borneo, Singapore & Malaysia)

Department of Veterans’ Affairs – Australian involvement in South East Asian Conflicts



Home page at enables the researcher to access a wide range of information including national and branch publications imporatn to the RAR and its members. This includes , a summary of the little-published Rifle Company Butterworth tours of duty which, during the Communist Insurgency/Second Malaysian Emergency of 17 Jun 68 to 2 Dec 89 were filled overwhelmingly by RAR rifle companies from 1 Nov on. RCBs are still rotating through Butterworth to this day, now solely with a training mission.

VIETNAM 1962-75


1RAR The First Battalion Association – 1968

Authors and date of creation unknown

 A short history of the Battle for Fire Support Base Coral in 1968. Probable compilation by veterans of the battle, or Association historians. Includes photographs, a roll of honour, and e-links to the Australian War Memorial war diaries from 1 RAR for the period. Found at

2 RAR compilation: What have you done for Australia

Anonymous – 6 RAR in Vietnam in action February 1967 – Vietnam War

Visual history of 6RAR in action. See

Anonymous – Vietnam – 50 years later, our greatest generation

A tribute to the US and allied troops who served in Vietnam, narrated by Sam Elliott.

4mins 48 secs duration, date unknown.

The Americans have a way of ensuring history is kept. The scars of Vietnam remain until today for both sides including many Australian RAR members also. This American work reflects the general accurate sentiment regarding the war. Unappreciated by the American public, betrayed by the American government’s corrupt politicians, American (and Australian) soldiers never lost a battle. Much of it can be related to by Australians who fought alongside the US forces. RAR members can be seen in this video at

Anonymous – Vietnam photographs

Images of Australian diggers in Vietnam, mainly taken in the Nui Dat Base and at Vung Tau. There are many good aerial shots of Nui Dat base with its Luscombe Airfield… There are many images at this site & some are automatically linked to others. Start at:

Alliance of Defence Service Organisations – Jim Bourke: Life Mission Accomplished

Basic information about Bourke’s successful quest to locate and eventually get the remains of all six of the Missing in Action from Vietnam located and brought home.

 A USA source of Vietnam War books

Includes references to RAR units.

Australian Vietnam Veterans Mortality Listing

A source of data on casualties.

Australia’s Vietnam War website was created by the Military Operations Analysis Team (MOAT) at the University of New South Wales (Canberra) aka ADFA. It provides a unique way of exploring the Vietnam War in great detail, through the use of an interactive Battle Map. Visitors to this site may register for an account and contribute personal stories, photos and videos against combat events on the Battle Map. This site is stated to contain data on almost every Australian contact with the enemy during the Vietnam War. Interactive site which can receive veteran input.

Australia’s Vietnam War

DVA, Canberra, 2017

Department of Foreign Affairs website that includes 30 new videos of Australians in the Vietnam War, the impact on their families and Australian society, forming an important part of Australia’s experience at the time, and since. See:

CHAMBERLAIN, Ernie – Vietnam War: D445 Their Story

CHAMBERLAIN, EP –Vietnam War: The Battles of Coral (S Hi) and Balmoral (Đồng Tràm) – May 1968: The Vietnamese Communist Accounts – including three sketch maps

This 24,000-word/63-page Research Note (March 2018) examines and critiques the Vietnamese and Australian accounts of the major battles of Coral and Balmoral fought north of Saigon in May 1968. The Note includes both Vietnamese and Australian maps of the battle areas. Of particular interest are the three Vietnamese sketch maps of the Battle of Coral depicted at pages 11, 14, and 16 (repeated in a larger format in the attachments at pages 38, 41, and 43). Chamberlain notes that the Vietnamese communist accounts are – in parts, “hyperbolic”, propagandist and inaccurate. The work is free-to-read on the Internet at  :

Department of Veterans’ Affairs – Australia and the Vietnam War


FLEMING, Robert – A Jungle Too Far: Britain and the Vietnam War

National Army Museum (UK)

54mins 11 secs duration on UTube

Fleming, Curator at the National Army Museum, explores how a secret British involvement in the Vietnam War came about through covert operations, proxies and attachments to US, Australian, and New Zealand units. He specifically mentions some RAR battalions. Access this lecture at

FRESHFIELD, R – The Vietnam War – An Australian Perspective

Self-published, 2017

Compiled from records and historical articles by R Freshfield. This publication provides a comprehensive coverage of the war, starting with the international scene during WW II, and then closes in to provide a detailed coverage of Australian operations involving all nine RAR battalions and other organisations in support or commanding. RAN and RAAF involvement is included. Located at

Nominal Roll of Vietnam Veterans

Department of Veterans’ Affairs official record of all Australians who served in Vietnam. See

New Zealand’s Vietnam War

NZ government webstie which provides an entry to that nation’s perspectives. Includes references to the RAR units with whom the Kiwis served. See:


Regimental HQ, Singleton, 1977



Includes a nominal roll of COs and RSMs, Regimental Marches and Songs, and affiliated units. Records in an Annexure include an outline history of each battalion from its inception to the date of publication. These Standing Orders also show how regimental matters are documented at the time of their access, being an online product currently inside the Defence Restricted Network. Subject to periodic upgrade by a specific Action Officer who is able to be contacted through the Regimental Adjutant (Adjutant, School of Infantry, Singleton, NSW).


ROSS, Brian – The Australian Order of Battle in the Vietnam War

Lists the RAN, Army and RAAF units to deploy, and when. Includes all RAR deployments. See

TATE, Don – Movie Images of Private Don Tate in the 4th Battalion, Vietnam War

Posted to UTube 2006

Don Tate served in 4 RAR in Vietnam between January and May 1969. He served in a variety of capacities- rifleman, ‘number 2’ on the M60 machine-gun, scout, and as the platoon’s interpreter. These images, recording his service with 4 RAR, were taken on his movie camera by fellow platoon members. See

TATE, Don – The films

UTube footage, colour.

Posted 2012

Originally 8mm footage taken by Don Tate in Vietnam. Advertised as having had a profound effect on some veterans- allowing many men to recognise aspects of their own service and start opening up about it. Located at:

The Casualty List

Created and managed by Bob Coker, this is a list of Australian casualties in Vietnam. As such, the data are regularly being updated.

Tunnel Rats Vietnam – Holdfast

Holdfast, being the Engineers’ callsign, is the name given to a series of on-line newsletters in which there are frequent references to RAR units and individuals during the Vietnam War. See

VIETNAM Casualties – Final Resting Place



Home page at enables the researcher to access a wide range of information including national and branch publications and other important material to the RAR and members.


ABC 46.39 mins duration coverage of the Welcome home parade held in Sydney 1987. YouTube at


(Somalia 1992-93, Rwanda 1994-95, Cambodia 1994-95, Papua New Guinea 1946 to 1975, East Timor 1999-2012, Bougainville 1994, The Solomon Islands 2000 -2008, all remaining deployments not covered by UN or above (Rhodesia, Uganda)


Home page at


IRAQ 2003-09 and 2014–ongoing

Nil entry

AFGHANISTAN 2006-ongoing

ABC Four Corners – The enemy within

Reporters Quentin McDermott and Clay Hichens

Examination of the events leading to the murder of three Australian soldiers on 29 August 2012 in Afghanistan including RAR members. No longer viewable but the transcript is available at

Afghanistan Avenue of Honour

Created by the Youngaburra community North Queensland, this location commemorates Australians KIA in Afghanistan, including RAR members. See Honour Roll at

Australian Army – The Longest War: The Australian Army in Afghanistan

 Interactive site with 22 sections covering many aspects of the Australian experience in the War on Terror in Afghanistan. See


(Civilian Humanitarian Disaster ops (incl Darwin 1975 and other cyclones and floods, overseas eg PNG, Indian Ocean, and lately, Border Operations, and DACC (non-disaster) eg Olympics and Commonwealth Games and other government support eg APEC, G20)

Nil entry