(Available material to date covers Officer Training and Officer Postings; publications in relation to Other Ranks & Senior NCOs will be added as and when produced)


BEARSLEY, David & MULLER, Laurie – The Life and Times of Class 1/65 of the Officer Training Unit Scheyville

Figtree Press, Brisbane, 2020

ISBN: 978-0-6487584-0-2

Colour and B & W photographs; 144 pages.

Records all 55 years since the inaugural march out of the first graduating class form the Officer Training Unit. Comprising 14 chapters, it is image-heavy and lists the names of all graduates and some staff, many of which graduated to or were in the RAR. Includes Honours and Awards made to OUT graduates.


BROWN, James Hill & RIGGS, Patricia – The Macleay Valley’s tribute to its silent heroes: we have remembered them

Self-published, Kempsie NSW, 1995

ISBN:  Nil

Photographs; 238 pages.

A tribute to local citizens to serve in the ADF; including RAR members. Second Edition.


COLE-ADAMS Jennet & GAULD Judy – Decision: Stories of leadership in the services

Department of Veterans Affairs, Canberra, 2017

ISBN: 978-0-9944775-6-9

Index, photographs; 56 pages.

A general promotional publication which includes three prominent members of the RAR – Captain Reg Saunders, General Peter Cosgrove and Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith, each of which includes text and images of their backgrounds in the RAR. Other soldiers of the same RAR units feature in the material.


COULTHARD-CLARK, Chris – DUNTROON The Royal Military College of Australia 1911-1986

Allen and Unwin, Sydney, 1986

ISBN: 0 86861 883 7

Appendices, References, Bibliography, Index, 367 pages.

Lists all graduates up to 1986, and how they are trained. Book also names many RAR staff members. Well illustrated, with Staff Cadet list among the appendices.


Deaths as a result of service with Australian units

Australian War Memorial

Statistics of all Australian war dead, including every RAR member. Embedded in this site is the Roll of Honour search function. Accessible at


De PIERRES, Peter – Supplement to Wyalkatchem & Districts war service 1899-1976

Self-published, Wyalkatchem WA, 1988

ISBN: 0731656148

Illustrations, index; 17 pages.

Local historian listing of additional citizens of that area who served, including RAR members, up to 1976


De PIERRES, Peter – Wyalkatchem & Districts war service 1899-1976

Self-published, Wyalkatchem WA, 1975

ISBN: 9780731601875

Illustrations, index; 102 pages.

Local historian listing of citizens of that area who served, including RAR members, up to 1976.


DONNELLY, Roger – The Scheyville Experience, The Officer Training Unit Scheyville 1965-1973

University of Queensland Press ,St Lucia QLD, 2001

ISBN 0 7022 3247 5 (pbk)

Index; 202 pages.

Scheyville produced many RAR Officers who served in Australia and overseas on operations. This is the story of how they were trained. As well, many officers from the RAR served on staff. Nominal Roll of Directing Staff and Graduates, Gallantry Awards, Honour Roll, black and white photos included.


EDWARDS, Glen D – Beyond Dark Clouds

Self-published, 2012

ISBN: 9780646575605SECA

Index, Bibliography; 404 pages.

Addresses the long-term effects of war on Vietnam veterans and their families and, more recently veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan and their families. Gives an insight (as told by veterans, their spouses and children) into their lives and the many challenges confronting them daily.


HOWIE- WILLIS, Ian – An Unending War: The Australian Army’s struggle against Malaria, 1885-2015

Big Sky Publishing, Newport NSW, 2016

ISBN: 9781925272758

Index, B & W photographs, maps, charts; 348 pages.

This story reflects the ongoing battle against Malaria in virtually every theatre of operations since the Suakin 1885 campaign when NSW troops deployed to Egypt. RAR’s involvement in post-WW II campaigns are mentioned.


INGLIS, Ken – Sacred places: War memorials in the Australian Landscape

Melbourne University Press, Melbourne, 2008

ISBN: 9780522854794

640 pages (3rd Edition).

Assisted by Jan Brazier, this book is a sociological study of the place of war memorials in the Australian setting, whether all RAR members KIA are recorded, many in several places. Physical memorials and commemorative rolls together constitute what Inglis addresses.


KERBY, Martin C – Where Glory Awaits – A History of St Joseph’s College Gregory Terrace at War

Boolarong Press 2005

ISBN: 1 921 054 60 5

Index; 174 pages.

A biography of ex-students of Terrace who enlisted, several of whom served with the RAR commencing with the BCOF and Korea through the South East Asian campaigns and with the UN until and including Somalia.


KIRK, G E – Lest we forget: Swanpool and district call to arms and those who answered 1914-1973

Self-published, Benalla VIC, 2001

ISBN: 095790150X

Illustrations, maps; unpaged.

Contains details of veterans from the area including RAR members.


LEE, J.E. – Duntroon: The Royal Military College of Australia 1911-1946

Australian War Memorial, Canberra, 1952

ISBN: Not identified

Black and white and colour photographs, index, nominal roll; 293 pages.

Provides a history of life at RMC in the years listed. Many of the graduates went on to command sub-units and units of the RAR, with many also rising to General rank following regimental service. A good background to the formative years in which such men developed the officer skills later applied to the benefit of the RAR and the Army generally.


LINDSAY, Neville – Loyalty and Service, The Officer Cadet School, Portsea

Historia Productions, Kenmore Qld 4069

ISBN 0 646 25492 8 (hcr)

Index, cover; 354 pages.

OCS Portsea produced many officers for the RAR, As well, many officers from the RAR served on staff. This story details their training. Graduate index, bibliography, glossaries, black and white and colour photos, Roll of Honour included.


LLOYD, Thomas Kevin – Beat PTSD: How a combat soldier conquered chronic PTSD to live a life that truly matters, and how you can too

Global Publishing Group, Mt Evelyn VIC, 2018

ISBN: 9781925288126

B & W photographs; 227 pages.

Contains practical advice by telling the mistakes the author made, the lessons learned for the benefit of others. Author was a member of the RAR and refers to this in parts of this publication.


MATON, Michael – The national honours and awards of Australia

Kangaroo Press, Kenthurst NSW, 1995

ISBN10: 0864276791

ISBN13: 9780864176790


Illustrations incl coloured photographs, index; 168 pages.

Includes details of Australian and awards, most of which are held by RAR members.


McANDREW, Alex – Milton-Ulladulla in the wars

Alex McAndrew, Epping NSW, 1994

ISBN: 0959674462

Photographs, index; 220 pages.

A local publication listing citizens of the Milton-Ulladulla who served, including RAR members.


McCLELLAND, James – A guide to Australian war cemeteries in 80 countries: war graves registers, and war memorial registers for those whom have no known grave

Self-published, Silverdale NSW, 1999

ISBN: 9780908492831

Illustrated, index; 270 pages.

A well-illustrated monograph, containing details of soldiers buried overseas, or missing. Includes all such RAR soldiers.


McPHEDRON, Ian – Where soldiers lie: the quest to find Australia’s missing war dead

Harper Collins, Sydney, 2019

ISBN: 9781460709818

ISBN 10: 1460709810

Images, Index; 288 pages. Also available on CD via commercial outlets.

Over thirty-five thousand Australian soldiers and airmen are still listed as Missing In Action from the wars of the 20th Century. This book is about the process, science and people involved in trying to locate them. Includes the successful recovery of the six MIA from Vietnam, and the ongoing quest to locate those MIA in Korea, both wars including predominantly RAR MIA. No ADF personnel from any other overseas conflict since the creation of the RAR are missing.


MOORE, Darren – DUNTROON The Royal Military College of Australia 1911-2001

RMC of Australia, Canberra, 2001 (with assistance from the Australian Army History Unit)

ISBN: 1-876439-97-1

Appendices, References, Bibliography, Index, 608 pages.

Lists all cadets up to 2001, and how they are trained. Book also names many RAR staff members. Well illustrated, with Staff Cadet list among the appendices.


MURPHY, LTCOL PI – Fatigue Management During Operations: A Commander’s Guide

Doctrine Wing, Land Warfare Development Centre, Puckapunyal VIC, 3662


Reading List, photographs, glossary; 96 pages.

Includes many illustrations from RAR members in the various campaigns in which they were involved.


NEUVE, Denny, TRAILL, Gordon and McCULLAGH Catherine – Unconquered our wounded soldiers

Big Sky Publishing, Newport NSW, 2019

ISBN: 9781925675986

B & W and colour photographs; 224 pages.

A pictorial history of the Invictus Games in 2018. It profiles a number of ANZAC competitors and identifies several who were serving in the RAR when they qualified for inclusion.


PARSONS, Ronald (Editor) – Navy, Army, Air Force Nasho: the National Service Experience 1951-1972

Boolarong Press, Salisbury QLD, 2014

ISBN: 9781925046519

B & W photographs, Roll of Honour of National Servicemen killed in Vietnam; 230 pages.

A wide-ranging series of stories about National Servicemen across all three Services. Of them 212 died and 1479 were wounded on active service. This book provides an insight into the Nashos training and service as told by those who were conscripted. It also explains the reasons for National Service at the time. Army includes many RAR personnel, including all of those KIA.

RAR Association – Roll of Honour 1948-98

RAR Association, Brisbane, 1998


Lists all RAR members who died whilst on overseas service from Japan to Vietnam inclusive, and who are commemorated at the  National Memorial Walk at Enoggera, Brisbane. Second and updated edition is under preparation. Available from Bibliography Registrar, and soon to be instated in Part 16.


Search for a Commemoration (War graves)

Department of Veterans’ Affairs

Office of War Graves Commission site to assist with locating war graves, including RAR members, by searching for and reviewing details of official Office of Australian War Graves commemorations. Accessible at


TOOHEY, Paul – PTSD among Australian Defence Force personnel who’ve served in Iraq and Afghanistan yet to be realized (14 G)

Presented on the News Corp Australia Network, this material is at:


Veteran Family Toolkit (Veterans’ Mental Health)

Produced by Bolton Clarke Research Institute

The five-episode Toolkit is series of videos that aims to inform and educate current and former members of the Australian Defence Force members and their families and friends, about mental health. These videos cover post-traumatic mental health, avenues to treatment and how to best support oneself and loved ones. The videos are designed to break down the stigma around seeking help, and include input from veterans, families, and experts in the field. Includes a range of RAR veterans. The link directly to the site is: .


WAGNER, Biancin – Commemorating the stories of Old Boy Vietnam’s War Veterans

St Joseph’s College, Brisbane, undated

ISBN: None

Colour and B & W photographs; 20 pages.

This locally produced booklet includes short biographies for over 50 former St Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace College students who served in Vietnam, including in the RAR battalions.


WHITELAW, Peter (Compiler) – The Australian Army Officer Training Unit Scheyville 1965-1973

Officer Training Unit Association, Sydney, 2019


Colour and B & W photographs; 294 pages.

Photographic record plus lists of graduates and their Corps allocations; most Infantry going to the RAR.



Australian Army – The Korean War Project

This site provides details of the Missing in Action soldiers (1,2 and 3 RAR), sailor and airmen, and the ongoing search for their remains from the Korean War. See


Australian Broadcasting Commission/SAUNDERS, Ian – Bring them home: MIA from Korean War

ABC, Sydney, 2015

Interview, 18 Sep 15

Forty three Australians are still listed as missing in action from the Korean War and the son of one of them is pushing for remains to be identified and returned home. Names of the remaining MIA are available for document in Part 14 of this bibliography. See


CLARKE Hugh, BURGESS, Colin & BRADDON Russell – Australians at War: Prisoners of War

Time-Life Books, UK, 1988, 1989

ISBN-10: 0949118257

ISBN-13: 978-0949118257

Index, illustrated; 168 pages.

Volume 10 of the Time-Life series, includes details of the RAR POW/MIA in Korea.


Department of Veterans Affairs – Australian Nominal Roll of Korean Veterans

Go to


Department of Veterans’ Affairs – Cancer Incidence Study 2003: Australian Veterans of the Korean War

DVA and Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, Canberra, 2003

ISBN: 9781740243179

A4 soft cover, black and white photographs and references; 60 pages.

Most Army covered in this tri-service study were RAR members. Also online at


Department of Veterans’ Affairs – Health Study 2005: Australian Veterans of the Korean War

DVA and Monash University, Canberra, 2005


A4 soft cover, maps, black and white photos; 150 numbered pages plus approximately 100 more pages of appendixes.

A general study of all three Services Korean War veterans of which Army fielded large numbers of RAR members. Located at


Department of Veterans Affairs – Cancer Incidence in Australian Vietnam Veterans Study 2005

DVA/AIHW, Canberra, 2005

ISBN: 1920720391

Maps, B & W photos, tables; 217 pages.

Covers all three Services; Army data includes RAR.


Department of Veterans Affairs – Health Study 2005 – Australian Veterans of the Korean War (Updated in 2014)

Monash University, Melbourne, 2005


Maps, B & W photos, tables; 150 pages of text with approx. 100 more pages of Appendices.

 Most of the Army data will be RAR members. Updated version of the 2005 study is found at


Department of Veterans’ Affairs – Mortality Study 2003: Australian Veterans of the Korean War

DVA and Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, Canberra, 2003


A4 soft cover, maps, tables, black and white photos; 190 pages.

This study covers all three Services, and some of the photographs include RAR members in action during the Korean War.


PHILLIS, Rosemary – The Riverstone War Memorial

Riverstone and District Historical Society, Riverstone, 2019

ISBN: 9870987197399

Colour and black & white photographs; Bibliography, note; 148 pages.

 Contains a biography and photo of a 2 RAR soldier killed in action in Korea.


Roll of Honour

Australian War Memorial

In this innocuous site, the Advanced Search function may be clicked on with entry or any service person’s name to identify what records there are in the AWM’s storage system. Go to and enter the name. If the actual list of records don’t come up, then access the ‘People’ heading and go through the surnames presented there.


SOUTH EAST ASIA 1950-current

(includes Malaya, Borneo, Singapore & Malaysia)

Nil entry


VIETNAM 1962-75

Australian Army – The Vietnam War

This site provides details of the Missing in Action soldiers (including RAR members) and airmen from the Vietnam War. As they have now all been recovered.  See


Australian Army Training Team Vietnam (AATTV)

Nominal roll of all Australians and New Zealanders who served between 1962-1972 in the AATTV. A great many RAR officers/WO.NCOs served in ‘The Team’. Private research source accessible at


ABC – The Health of Australian Vietnam Veterans

ABC, Sydney, 2009

Audio Website

Interviews at raise a series of cases from RAR members.


Anonymous – 500 The Australians who died in Vietnam

Australian Newspaper, Sydney, 1988

Thursday August 18, 1988 Special Edition included photographs and brief stories of the first 500 soldiers to die in Vietnam. The great majority were members from every RAR battalion, and others who were serving with the AATTV at the time.


Australian Government (Defence Honours and Awards Appeals Tribunal) – Reid and the Department of Defence [2017] DHAAT 22 (30 November 2017) – Recommendation for the award of the Victoria Cross of Australia

Department of Defence, Canberra, 2017


39 page Hearing.

DHAAT Hearing recommendation regarding the potential award of the Victoria Cross of Australia to ex-PTE Ian Reid, 7 RAR for an action on 30 April 1970 near Phuoc Loi, South Vietnam. Paper located at


Australian National Service Vietnam Veterans: Mortality and Cancer Incidence 2005

DVA and Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, Canberra, 2005

ISBN: 1 92072041 3

Soft cover; 154 pages.

Publication No P1055C investigated mortality and cancer incidence among national service Vietnam veterans compared to contemporary national service personnel who did not serve in Vietnam.


Australian Nominal Roll of Vietnam Veterans

Department of Veterans Affairs

Go to and follow the links.


Dapsone Exposure and Australian Service in Vietnam: Mortality and Cancer Incidence

DVA, Canberra, 2007

ISBN: 1 920720 42 1

A4 soft cover; 142 pages.

Publication P10551 is the fourth and final volume in a series on Vietnam veterans, the great majority being RAR members.


Mortality and Cancer Incidence in Australian Vietnam Veterans Study 2005

DVA and Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, Canberra, 2005

ISBN: 1 920720 39 1

Soft cover; 217 pages.

Study covers veterans of all three services, including RAR members.


 The Third Australian Vietnam Veterans Mortality Study

Department of Veterans’ Affairs and Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, Canberra, 2005

ISBN: 1 920720 40 5

A4 soft cover; 230 pages.

Publication No 1055B is a study involving mortality rates in all three Services pertaining to veterans of the Vietnam War including mainly RAR members.


DONNELLY, Roger – The Scheyville Experience 1965-73 

University of Queensland Press, Brisbane, 2001 (addendum printed in 2014)

ISBN-10: 0702232475

ISBN-13: 978-0702232473

Photographs, Index; 304 pages.

Also known as The Officer Training Unit Scheyville, this book chronicles the history of this officer training unit raised specifically to support the National Service effort supporting the Vietnam War. Many graduates served in the RAR, as did staff members.


DUX, John and YOUNG, PJ – Agent Orange: The bitter harvest

Hodder and Stoughton, Sydney, 1980

ISBN: 0340261277

Illustrations, bibliography, index; 285 pages.

A detailed coverage of the defoliant called Agent Orange and its effects on humans. Used extensively in Vietnam it is a well know issue to all veterans including those of all RAR battalions.


EVATT, Phillip – Royal Commission into the use and effects of Agent Orange on Australian personnel in Vietnam (Full Report)

Australian Government Printing Service, Canberra, 1985

ISBN:  0644043393 (set)

0644043407 (v.1)

0644045116 (v.2)

0644043423 (v.3)

0644043431 (v.4)

0644045140 (v.5)

0644043458 (v.6)

0644045167 (v.7)

0644043474 (v.8)

0644043482 (v.9)

Nine volume series, also known as the Agent Orange Royal Commission Report. All RAR and other personnel to serve in Vietnam were potentially exposed to this defoliant.


EVATT, Phillip – Royal Commission into the use and effects of Agent Orange on Australian personnel in Vietnam  (Parliamentary statement)

Parliament of Australia

Hansard report made on 19 May 1988. All RAR and other personnel to serve in Vietnam were potentially exposed to this defoliant. See Hansard record at;query=Id:%22chamber/hansardr/1988-05-19/0087%22;src1=sm1


LAUGHTON Kenny and WALSH, Derek – Touched by Fire: The Australian Experience in Vietnam

No publication details


Colour photographs; 36 pages.

A tribute to those who served in Vietnam and a memorial to those who did not return alive. All RAR members are named with a photograph in chronological sequence of their deaths, along with other facts and figures of the war.


McCULLOCH, Jock – The politics of Agent Orange: the Australian experience

Heinemann, Richmond VIC, 1989

ISBN: 9780908492831

Illustrated, maps, bibliography, index; 270 pages.

A valid reference for RAR and other researchers given the degree of exposure to this defoliant.


Nominal Roll of Australian Veterans of the Vietnam War
Department of Veterans Affairs
Provides the capacity to search for members who served in the Vietnam War. See

O’TOOLE, Brian – The ANZAC Research Institute Report to Veterans

ANZAC Research Institute, Canberra, 2007

ISBN: nil

Publication includes Appendices, personnel, publications and tables. From the Australian Vietnam Veterans Health Study which covers all of the RAR members to serve there.


ROSE, Peter Robert – Soldier’s Conscience: The Ethical Complexity of Vietnam Service

Barton Books, Canberra, 2008

ISBN: 9780980490107

Index, Bibliography; maps, 115 pages.

Author served in Vietnam as an Engineer. The book addresses ethical issues faced by Australian soldiers in Vietnam resulting from the severe cultural dislocation of deployment into a war zone. All RAR members will have faced these issues, having constituted the great bulk of the Australian deployment.


The Casualty List

Created and managed by Bob Coker, this is a list of Australian casualties in Vietnam. As such, the data are regularly being updated.



Vietnam Veterans Family Study (Volume 1)

Department of Veterans Affairs, Canberra, 2014

ISBN: 978-0-9941961-0-1 (Volume 1) 978-0-9941961-1-8 (Volume 2) 978-0-9941961-2-5 (Volume 3) 978-0-9941961-3-2 (Volume 4) 978-0-9941961-4-9 (full set) 978-0-9941961-5-6 (electronic version)

98 pages.

Study of the impact of service in Vietnam on families of RAR and other veterans is accessible on-line. Volume 1 is at



(Somalia 1992-93, Rwanda 1994-95, Cambodia 1994-95, Papua New Guinea 1946 to 1975, East Timor 1999-2012, Bougainville 1994, The Solomon Islands 2000 -2008, all remaining deployments not covered by UN or above (Rhodesia, Uganda)


Inquiry into recognition of Australian Defence Force service for Special Air Service counter terrorist and special recovery duties (died on duty)

Australian Government (Defence Honours and Awards Appeals Tribunal)

Inquiry that lead to the award of the ASM (with CT/SR clasp). Mentions RARs including 4 RAR (Commando) and a range of RAR personalities. Accessible at Appendix 3 lists all members to have died in the line of duty in this unique Service circumstance of service that is hostile but not officially ‘warlike’.


RUNGE C, KANESARAJAN J, LOOS C & NASVELD P – Rwanda Deployment Health Study

University of Queensland, Brisbane, 2014

ISBN: nil

References, graphs and charts; 529 pages.

A study into the long- term health and compensation of veterans of Operation TAMR, the ADF deployment to Rwanda in 1994-5. Coy groups and a HQ deployed from 2 and 2/4 RAR. Report is a joint effort of Centre for Australian Military and Veterans’ Health at UQ and DVA. Report is also accessible at file:///D:/Userfiles/Downloads/rwanda%20(1).pdf


IRAQ 2003-09 and 2014–ongoing


Australians and Peacekeeping (Fatal casualties)

Australian War Memorial

This site is the official AWM summary of peacekeeping service, including UN deployments. Includes a list of all fatal casualties. Accessible at


Department of Veterans’ Affairs – Australian Gulf War Veterans’ Health Study 2003: Executive Summary

Monash University and Health Services Australia, Melbourne, 2003


A4 soft cover; 8 pages.

Executive Summary. This study was designed to investigate whether ADF personnel who served in the Gulf War have a higher than expected rate of adverse physical and psychological health effects, and if so, whether those effects are associated with exposures and experiences from that conflict.

Department of Veterans’ Affairs – Australian Gulf War Veterans’ Health Study 2003: Volume 2

Monash University and Health Services Australia, Melbourne, 2003

ISBN: 1 920720 13 8

A4 Soft cover; 402 pages.

Investigates whether ADF personnel who served in the Gulf War have a higher than expected rate of adverse general health outcomes than a comparison group, and if so, whether those effects are associated with exposures and experiences that occurred during the Gulf War.

AFGHANISTAN 2006-ongoing


Nil entry




(Civilian Humanitarian Disaster ops (incl Darwin 1975 and other cyclones and floods, overseas eg PNG, Indian Ocean, and lately, Border Operations, and DACC (non-disaster) eg Olympics and Commonwealth Games and other government support eg APEC, G20)

Nil entry