This Part contains sources generated by other than Australian authors. Includes authors/agencies that might have been enemies at the time of the applicable conflict.




ENGLISH John A & GUDMUNDSSON Bruce I – A Perspective on Infantry

Praeger Publishers, Westport CT USA, 1994

ISBN: 0030596998

Index, bibliography; 201 pages.

A brief mention of the US Army’s reliance on 1RAR to help train them in Vietnam.

ENGLISH, John A. & GUDMUNDSSON, Bruce I. – On Infantry

Greenwood Publishing Group, New York, 1994 (revised edition)

ISBN: 0275949729, 9780275949723

Illustrations, index, references; 201 pages.

First published in 1984 this book is a treatise of Infantry operations with reference to a range of forces and campaigns including anti-insurgency operations in Korea and Malaya where the RAR served.

GUGELER Russell A – Combat Actions in Korea (1st Edition)

Office of the Chief of Military History US Army, Washington, 1970

Library of Congress No 70-603408

Index; 252 pages. Paperback version published in 2013 by BiblioGov : ISBN-10: 1288574347 and ISBN-13: 978-1288574346

American Official History Series – Army volume; refers to 3 RAR and 27th British Commonwealth Brigade in joint operations with the US forces.

SHEFFIELD, G.D. (Editor) – Leadership & Command: The Anglo-

American Experience Since 1861

Brassey’s (UK) Ltd, London, 1997

ISBN ISBN-10: 1402060742

ISBN-13: 978-1857531176

242 pages.

Contains a chapter on US and Allied Leadership and Command in the Korean and Vietnam Wars by Robert O’Neill which has very interesting observations about Australian Army leadership, command and operational philosophy.

JAPAN & KOREA 1946-53

ALEXANDER, B. – Korea – The Lost War

Arrow Books, 1989

ISBN: 0-09-95652-X

Index; 558 pages.

An American-centric history of the war with references to 27 British Commonwealth Brigade, including reference to the RAR battalions.

ALEXANDER, Bevan – Korea -The First War we Lost

Hippocrene Books, New York, 1989,1991, 1996

ISBN 10:  0781805775

ISBN 13: 978-0781805773

Photographs, Index; 587 pages.

An American history; includes several mentions of Australian Battalions including battles of
the Apple Orchard, Kapyong and Lieutenant Colonel Charles Green’s leadership and death (CO 3 RAR).

Anonymous (Chinese) – War of Resisting US Aggression and Aiding Korea

Unknown publisher, circa 2006

ISBN: 7-01-00325201, 7010032521

Coloured and B & W photographs, maps, charts/tables; 290 pages.

A Chinese publication. Being a 50th anniversary pictorial. No authors are acknowledged in English, although there are sub-titles to photographs including British POW. No Australians are identified in those photographs, but as the text is in Chinese it is possible the RAR or members rate a mention. Many illustrations are listed as coming from the Exhibition Hall of Resisting US Aggression and Aiding Korea, a campaign -specific repository.

BARKER, AJ – Fortune Favours the Brave: The Battle of the Hook, Korea, 1953

New English Library, London, 1976

ISBN-10: 0850521084

ISBN-13: 978-0850521085

Index, 160 pages.

First published in 1974, this British history describes the battle with only rudimentary references to other Commonwealth participants including 3 RAR

BATES, P. – Japan and the British Commonwealth Occupation Forces 1946-52

Brasseys, London, 1993

ISBN: 1-85753-000-4

Index; 270 pages.

British-oriented coverage of BCOF and deployments to Korea. Contains multiple references to the RAR battalions.

CAREW, Tim – Korea – The Commonwealth at War: The story of the Fighting Commonwealth Regiments 1950-1953

Cassell & Co, London, 1967

Bib ID 964047

Reprinted as The Korean War

Pan Books, London, 1970

ISBN: 0330024744

Index, bibliography; 319 pages.

The three battalions of the Regiment at the time (1, 2 & 3 RAR) are individually mentioned along with other units of the Commonwealth in this British history of the Korean War. Honours and Awards data included.

CLARK, Mark – From the Danube to the Yalu

George G Harrap & Coy Ltd, London, 1954


Index; 356 pages.

An American focus on the war, providing an international perspective of the Korean War. Refers to Australian battalions in the British Division which in turn is remarked upon as a fine formation, albeit a small contribution to the total UN effort.

CUNNINGHAM-BOOTHE, Ashley and FARRAR, Peter – British Forces in the Korean War

British Korean Veterans Association, Leamington UK, 1988

ISBN: 0951262203

Maps, B & W photographs; 200 pages.

This publication provides an overview of the British Commonwealth forces who participated, including the three RAR battalions to serve there.

DAVIES, George – The Occupation of Japan: The rhetoric and the reality of Anglo-Australasian relations 1939-1952

University of Queensland, St Lucia, 2001

ISBN: 0-7-22-3209-2

Index, bibliography; 391 pages.

NZ author provides a well-documented account of the social engineering that BCOF took part in during its occupation of Japan shortly ofer the surrender. The Australian forces, including the three battalions destined to become 1,2 and 3 RAR, are appropriately positioned in this coverage of the BCOF–based support to the war in Korea.

GURR, Robert – Voices from a Border War: 1 Royal New Zealand Regiment 1963 to 1965

Landmark Printing Cheltenham, Victoria 1995

ISBN: 0646225030

Index, Nominal roll, Awards & Honours, 170 pages.

3 RAR is mentioned briefly in this NZ history

HASTINGS, Max – The Korean War

Michael Joseph Ltd, London, 1987

ISBN: 0-7181-2068-X

Index; 476 pages.

American-centric history of the Korean War with references to the RAR; good supporting data including a chronology, and list of national participants and their major formations.

HOLLES, Robert – Now thrive the armourers

George G Harrap, London, 1952

ISBN: 9780553283211

Illustrated, maps; 176 pages.

A Gloucester Regiment soldier’s story of that unit’s war in Korea, including fighting alongside RAR battalions in the British Commonwealth Division.

HOYT, Edwin – On to the Yalu

Stein and Day, New York, 1984


Index; 303 pages.

An American history of the Korean War with references to 27 British Commonwealth brigade and the RARs. Good big picture coverage that places RAR’s roel into perspective.

JOHNSTON, William – A War of Patrols: Canadian Army Operations in Korea

UBC Press, Vancouver, 2003

ISBN: 0774841060 & 9780774841061

Official Canadian military history series. 448 pages.

Provides Canadian perspectives on the operations of the RAR’s battalions in Korea 1950-53.

McGIBBON, Ian – New Zealand and the Korean War: Volume I – Politics and Diplomacy

Oxford University Press, Melbourne, 1992

ISBN: 0 19 558253 5

Index, bibliography; 468 pages.

New Zealand was involved militarily in Korea from 1950 to 1957, first as part of the United Nations ‘police action’ to repel North Korea’s invasion of its southern neighbour, and then in a garrison role after the armistice in July 1953. McGibbon’s first volume on the Korean War, published in 1992, sets out the reasons why New Zealand became involved in the fighting in the Korean peninsula.   The RAR is mentioned in outline.

McGIBBON, Ian – New Zealand and the Korean War: Volume II – Combat Operations

Oxford University Press, Melbourne, 1996 (with corrections)

ISBN: 0 19 558343

Index, bibliography; 508 pages.

Volume two tells the story of New Zealand’s military and naval operations and describes how a force of civilian volunteers became one of the best artillery regiments in the United Nations forces in Korea. The RAR is mentioned in more detail. Roll of Honour, Honours and Awards included.

POULTON, Wilfred – K Force in Korea: A soldier’s Life in the 16th New Zealand Field Regiment

Wilfred Poulton, 2004

ISBN: 0-476-00029-7

Illustrated, 152 pages.

Refers to the RAR battalions to who the gunners provided fire support. One of the many relationships which maintain the ANZAC tradition.

RIDGEWAY & CLARK – Veterans of Foreign Wars: Pictorial History of the Korean War

Wise, New York, 1954



Photographs, maps; 774 pages.

This US pictorial history includes reference to 3 RAR.

SALMON, Andrew – Scorched Earth, Black Snow: The First Year of the Korean War

Aurum, London, 2011

ISBN: 1845137302

Index, b&w plates; 469 pages.

The first year of the Korean War was a series of epic battles, ending in a legendary and harrowing retreat. British and Australian troops were dispatched to fight with UN forces. After breaking out of the “Pusan Perimeter,” 27th Brigade spearheaded the UN drive north. After a spectacular series of battles, 27th Brigade including 3 RAR was halted to allow the Americans the glory of reaching the Chinese border where, in a shock counter-offensive, enemy forces stormed south. In a desperate action, 27th Brigade fought its way out of the trap.

THOMPSON, Reginald – Cry Korea

MaDonald and Co, London, 1951


303 pages.

British officer’s memoirs of the first year of the Korena War, referring to the “Australian battalion” (3 RAR) in sufficient detail to place its role in the British divisional structure fighting there at the time.

WILLIAMS Jeffery – Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry at Kapyong Korea 1950

Leo Cooper, London, 1972

ISBN: 085052119X

110 pages.

Awarded the United States Presidential Unit Citation in the same action as 3 RAR.

SOUTH EAST ASIA 1950-current

(includes Malaya, Borneo, Singapore & Malaysia)

CHIN Kim Wah – The Defence of Malaysia and Singapore: The transformation of a security system 1957-71

Oxford Press, London, XXX


Index, Reference Notes: x pages.

An examination of the strategic issues and treaties involving toehr countries including Australia. Refers to the Commonwealth forces including RARs to serve in Malaysia, Borneo and Singapore.

DICKENS, Peter – SAS The Jungle Frontier: 22 Special Air Service Regiment in the Borneo Campaign, 1963-1966

Arms & Armour Press, London, 1983

ISBN: 0458970905 (Canada) 0853685975

Index, bibliography; 248 pages.

The RAR is mentioned briefly in this campaign where SASR operations were primarily in support of 4 RAR. Most members of the SASR come from, and many return to, the RAR.

FOWLER, Will – Britain’s Secret War: The Indonesian Confrontation 1962-66

Osprey Publishing, Oxford, 2006

ISBN: 13 978 1 84603 048 2

Bibliography, index, black and white photos and colour plates; 49 pages.

Provides an overview of the campaign both in Borneo and Peninsula Malaya. Mention is made of the RAR operations within the context of a British Commonwealth (British-centric) perspective.

HALE, Christopher – Massacre in Malaya: Britain’s My Lai

History Press, Gloucestershire, UK, 2013

ISBN-10: 0752487019

ISBN-13: 978-0752487014

Illustrations; 432 pages.

A British book claiming to expose a massacre by allied troops during the Malayan Emergency 1948-60. Drawing upon recently released files from the British National Archives, the history a narrative based on eyewitness accounts from both government forces and Communist fighters is presented, allegedly exposing the truth about a massacre of Chinese villagers at Batang Kali. RAR is not mentioned, but this book provides valuable insights into the conditions faced later by members of the RAR battalions. There are NO inferences of any such event having involved Australians.

JAMES, Harold & SHIEL-SMALL, Denis – The Undeclared War: the Story of the Indonesian Confrontation 1962-1966

Leo Cooper, London, 1971


Indexes, maps, B & W photographs; 201 pages.

3 RAR is mentioned in this history.

KITSON, Frank – Low Intensity Operations: Subversion, Insurgency and Peace-keeping ( 1 SEA)

Faber and Faber, London, 2010

ISBN-10: 0571271022

ISBN-13: 978-0571271023

Index; 220 pages.

First published in 1971. General Kitson was an acknowledged British expert in these operations and produced the is work. It forms an excellent basis for understanding the British (and Commonwealth) approach to operations in Malaya. At one stage it was recommended reading for senior officers of the RAR and higher HQ deployed during the Malayan Campaign.

LENG, Lim Cheng & LEE, Khor Eng – Waging an Unwinnable War: The Communist Insurgency in Malaysia (1948-1989)

Xlibris, Printed in Australia, 2016

ISBN: 1 800 455 039

Appendices, Abbreviations and Notes, no photographs, Chronology; 209 pages.

A study of the full Communist Insurgency, known in Australia as the Malayan Emergency (1948-60), THAI Border operations (1961-63), and with recent hard historical proof, the Communist Insurgency War/Second Malaysian Emergency (1968-89). This book covers in detail the war in which RAR battalions and then rifle companies at Air Base Butterworth faced the Communist Terrorists. Provides details not published before that proves there was a state of war until 1989 when the CTs finally signed a Peace Accord.

MILLER, Harry – Menace in Malaya

Harrap, London, 1954


Maps, Illustrations; 284 pages.

An early publication outlining the Communist insurgency in Malaya into which the RAR battalions deployed. This book does not mention the RAR, but will have been studied by some of the deployed personnel.

PENG, Chin – My Side of History

(As told to Ian Ward and Norma Miraflor)

Media Masters Pte Ltd, Singapore, 2003

ISBN: 9810486936

Includes index, bibliographical references, 527 pages.

Chin Peng, the leader of the ongoing communist insurgency in Malaya/Malaysia that started officially in 1948 and only ended in Dec 1989 with the signing of a peace accord, provides his version of the conflict with British Commonwealth and then Malaysian authorities. Provides a very brief mention of 1 RAR’s success against the communist terrorists and may be described as ‘the one that got away’. Chin Peng was later a guest in Australia at a conference.

PIMLOTT, John – British Military Operations 1945-1984

Hamlyn, New York, 1984

ISBN 10: 0600347273 

ISBN 13: 9780600347279

Index, References; 192 pages.

Includes coverage of the Malayan Emergency and the Commonwealth operations there that involved 1, 2 and 3 RAR and the Borneo Campaign with 3 and 4 RAR.

POCOCK, Tom – Fighting General: the Public and Private Campaigns of Sir Walter Walker

Thistle Publishing, London, 2013

ISBN10 1909609587

ISBN13 9781909609587

Illustrations, index, references; 376 pages.

As a pioneer of jungle warfare and a brilliantly successful battalion and brigade commander he had no equal in his field. This service included the Malayan and Borneo Campaigns. The Australian (RAR battalions) are included.

PUGSLEY, Christopher – From Emergency to Confrontation: The New Zealand Armed Forces in Malaya and Borneo 1949-66

Oxford University Press, Melbourne, 2003

ISBN: 0195584538

Index, Bibliography; 528 pages.

This is the story of two near-forgotten wars that New Zealand fought in South-East Asia between 1949 and 1966. New Zealand’s soldiers, sailors and airmen made a significant contribution to the Commonwealth effort to defeat the communist insurgency in Malaya during the Malayan Emergency between 1949 and 1960. Brief mention of the Regiment is made. Roll of Honour, Honours and Awards included.

PYE, Lucian W – Guerrilla Communism in Malaya

Princeton University Press, New York, 2016

ISBN: 978-1-4008-7767-6

386 pages.

Originally published in 1970. An American work based on interviews with Communist guerrillas who fought the Commonwealth and Malayan authorities during the Malayan emergency.

SHORT, Anthony – The Communist Insurrection in Malaya 1948-60

Frederick Miller Ltd, London, 1975

ISBN: 054101570

Glossary, Appendix, Bibliography, Index; 547 pages.

This book is a classic on the 1948-60 communist insurrection in Malaya. The author’s unrestricted access to Malayan Government confidential and secret papers without similar access to Communist sources obviously influences his viewpoint to a great extent. It is a record of the events and has influenced the conduct of counter insurgency warfare since. Includes references to 28 Commonwealth Brigade in which 1,2 and 3 RAR served. Also published in a 218 page version by Crane, Russak & Company, New York, 1975. First American edition. ISBN: 0844803065.

SMITH, E.D. – Counter-Insurgency Operations: 1 Malaya and Borneo

Ian Allan Ltd, London, 1985

ISBN: 0 7110 1462 0

Bibliography, B & W photos; 112 pages.

A British history of these two successful counter-insurgency wars. Appendices include UK and Commonwealth Serving Units (lists 1, 2 and 3RAR) and the Order of Battle.

STUBBS, Richard – Hearts and minds in guerrilla warfare: the Malayan Emergency 1948-1960

Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1989

ISBN-13: 978-0195889420

ISBN-10: 0195889428

Index, bibliography, maps; 304 pages.

This study of the Malayan Emergency examines the military, administrative, economic, political, and social aspects of the guerrilla war fought between the British Commonwealth forces and then the Malayan Government and the Malayan Communist Party, a war in which 1,2 and 3 RAR served.

WELLER, Jac – Fire and Movement: Bargain Basement Warfare in the Far East

Thomas Y Crowell Coy, New York, 1967

Bid ID: 538702

ISBN: nil

Maps, bibliography; 268 pages.

Contains a chapter on the Australian and New Zealand armies with observations on their organisation, equipments, training and tactical philosophies for operations in South East Asia where the RAR battalions operated. There is also a chapter on the British Army in Malaya and Malaysia.

VIETNAM 1962-75

Anonymous – 173rd Brigade Airborne (USA) – The First Three Years

173rd Airborne Association, Fort Benning USA,1965,

ISBN: Not known

Photographs; 110 pages.

This book, a rare and out of print unit publication, was presented to each member of 1st Battalion Royal Australian Regiment at Xmas 1965. 173rd Airborne had lineage back to WW1, and was removed from the US Army Order of Battle in 1978. During the Vietnam War, 1RAR and other support arms and services completed a tour of duty, and therefore received this book which includes Australians.

BOWMAN, John S (General Editor) – The World Almanac of the Vietnam War

Ballintine Books, New York, 1986

ISBN: 0345337263 (Ballantine : pbk.)

ISBN:0886872723 (Pharos Books : pbk.)

Index, bibliography, 512 pages.

A comprehensive daily chronology, presenting the sequence of events with thoughtful commentary and puts Australian (including RAR) involvement within that chronology.

CHAMBERLAIN, Ernest – The 33rd Regiment (North Vietnamese Army): Their History 1965-1989 – (including the Battles of Binh Ba – 1969 and Nui Le – 1971)

Self-published, Point Lonsdale VIC, 2017

ISBN: 978-0-9750350-61

80,000 words.

A translation/exegesis of the mid-2016 33rd Regiment History with four translator’s annexes and 274 footnotes providing context and commenting on/correcting the Vietnamese accounts. Index, bibliography, maps, photographs, and illustrations. Free–to-read on the Internet at:

CHAMBERLAIN, Ernest – The 33rd Regiment – North Vietnamese Army: Their Story (and the Battle of Binh Ba)

Self-published, Point Lonsdale VIC, 2014

ISBN: 978-0-9750350-5-4

128,000 words.

Not a translation, but an original text with 749 clarifying footnotes. The Regiment’s failed/”unsprung” ambush on (then) Major Murray Blake’s mounted Ready Reaction Force column south of Binh Ba is examined. 22 appendices covering Vietnamese monographs; personal accounts; the Regiment’s organisation, strengths, casualties; a cadre’s critique, SIGINT aspects – including a DF map etc. Index, bibliography, maps, photographs, and illustrations. The RAR fought this unit. Free–to-read on the Internet at:

CHAMBERLAIN, Ernest – The Viet Cong D440 Battalion: Their Story (and the Battle of Binh Ba)

Self-published, Point Lonsdale VIC, 2013

ISBN: 978-0-9805623-5-4

89,000 words.

A translation/exegesis of the 2011 D440 History – with six discrete appendices covering organisation, strengths, casualties etc. Includes 311 footnotes commenting on/correcting the Vietnamese account. Index, bibliography, maps, photographs, and illustrations. RAR battalions and members came up against this unit. Free–to-read on the Internet at:

CHAMBERLAIN, Ernest – The Viet Cong D445 Battalion: Their Story

Self-published, Point Lonsdale VIC, 2011

ISBN: 978-0-9805623-4-7

145,000 words.

A translation/exegesis of the 1991 D445 History – with 14 discrete annexes on topics such as biographies, strengths, casualties, the Party, 275 VC Regiment, D440 etc. Includes 851 footnotes commenting /correcting the Vietnamese account. Index, bibliography, maps and illustrations. RAR battalions and members came up against this unit. Free –to-read on the Internet at:

CHAMBERLAIN, Ernest – The Viet Cong D445 Battalion: Their Story (and the Battle of Long Tan)

Self-published, Point Lonsdale VIC, 2016

ISBN 978-09805623-4-7

348,200 words.

A translation/exegesis of the 2004 D445 History with 18 discrete annexes covering personalities, organisations, strengths, casualties and losses, the mid-1966 D445 commander and political officer reports, SIGINT aspects (Annex E, 49 pages), 274 and 275 VC Regiments, the 5th VC Division account etc. Includes 1,759 footnotes providing context and commenting on/correcting the Vietnamese accounts. Index, bibliography, maps, photographs, and illustrations. 6 RAR and other Vietnam vets fought this unit. Rich historical value in reading the other sides’s story. Free–to-read on the Internet at:

CHAMBERLAIN, Ernest – The Viet Cong D445 Battalion: Their Story

Self-published, Point Lonsdale, 2011

ISBN: 978-0-9805623-4-7

Bibliography, references, index, maps and illustrations; 251 pages electronic monograph.

Located on the Australian War Memorial site at, this publication shows a battalion on “the other side”. It presents a translation and examination of The heroic 445 Battalion: its History and Tradition (Tieu Doan 445 Anh Hung : Lich Su /Truyen Thong) – ie the “445 Battalion History” published in 1991. As near as possible to a literal translation of the Vietnamese text has been attempted – without any omissions. Includes details and analysis of the Battalion’s engagements with Australian forces, including the Battle of Long Tan.

CHAMBERLAIN, Ernest – The Viet Cong D440 Battalion: Their Story: and the Battle of Binh Ba – June 1969

Self-published, Point Lonsdale, 2013

ISBN: 978-0-98-5623-5-4

Bibliography, references, index, maps and illustration; 168 pages electronic monograph.

Located on the Australian War Memorial site at this publication addresses the history of D440 Battalion including its record in the Battle of Binh Ba in June 1969 when it came up against 5 RAR and supporting arms and services.

CHAMBERLAIN, Ernest – The Viet Cong D445 Battalion: Their Story (and the Battle of Long Tan)

Self-published, Point Lonsdale, 2016

ISBN: 978-09805623-4-7

Bibliography, references, index, maps and illustrations; electronic monograph.

Located on the Australian War Memorial site at, this modest work of some 348,200 words presents a translation and close examination of The Heroic 445 Battalion : its History and Tradition (Tieu Doàn 445 Anh Hùng : Lich Sur/Truy en Thong) ie the D445 Battalion History published in 2004. As near to possible to a literal translation of the Vietnamese text has been attempted.

CHANNON, James B. & RUSSILL, George A. (Complier/Editor) 173rd Airborne Brigade (USA) The First Three Years: A Pictorial History of the 173rd Airborne Brigade

Brigade Information Office, Saigon, 1968


110 pages.

Contains of pictures including Australian soldiers. It was presented to each member of 1st Battalion Royal Australian Regiment at Xmas 1965. This knowledge from veterans indicates that a later official edition was printed in 1968, funded by the 9th chapter of the 173rd Airborne BDE Association.

ENGLISH, John & GUDMUNDSSON, Bruce – On Infantry

Praeger Publications, Westport CT USA, 1994

ISBN0275949729, 9780275949723

Index, bibliography; 201 pages.

A brief mention of The US Army’s reliance on 1 RAR to train them in Vietnam.

GIAP, General Vo Nguyen – Banner of People’s War, the Party’s military line

Pall Mall, London, 1971

ISBN: 9780269027628

Illustrations; 144 pages.

Giap’s view of the war in Vietnam, including the time all RAR battalions were deployed.

HALL, Claire – No Front Line: Inside Stories of New Zealand’s Vietnam War

Penguin NZ, 2014

ISBN: 9780143571889

Illustrated; 304 pages.

A series of stories of New Zealand veterans of the Vietnam War, many of whom served with RAR battalions, or in operational support of their ANZAC colleagues. RAR units mentioned.

HOWELL, Tony – Jungle Green Shadow: Victor 2 Company 2 RAR/NZ (ANZAC) Battalion Vietnam 1967-1968

John Douglas Publishing, NZ, 2019?

ISBN: 978-0-9951219-0-4 ​9780995121904 9780995121904

Index, Photographs, illustrations; 470 pages

Set in Nui Dat in 1967-68 during the Vietnam War. Author was a member of 2 RAR/NZ (ANZAC) Bn, the first ANZAC Bn – during the Tet Offensive. On 11 May 1967, the first New Zealand Infantry Company (Victor 1), joined 2 RAR at Nui Dat. They were replaced (by Victor 2 Company) on 12 November 1967. Major Brian Worsnop was in command. A second New Zealand Infantry Company (Whiskey 1) joined 2 RAR in December 1967. To reflect this ANZAC force, the 2 RAR Battalion title was changed to 2 RAR/NZ (ANZAC) Battalion on 1st March 1968. Lieutenant Tony Howell was one of the three Victor 2 Company Rifle Platoon Commanders. There is one fictional chapter that deals with one day in the life of a Lead Scout.

MacDONALD, Peter G – Giap the victor in Vietnam

WW Norton & Co, New York, 1993

ISBN-10: 0393034011

ISBN-13: 978-0393034011

Photographs, maps, index; 368 pages.

A biography of the man who led North Vietnam to victory over the South; the supreme commanders of the troops against which the allies including RAR members fought in Vietnam.

McGIBBON, Ian – New Zealand’s Vietnam War: A history of combat, commitment and controversy

Exisle Publishing, Wollombi NSW, 2010

ISBN: 978 0 908988 96 9

Index, bibliography, maps, B &W photos, Roll of Honour, Orders of Battle, Honours and Awards; 704 pages.

This book provides a comprehensive and authoritative account of New Zealand’s involvement in the Vietnam War. All of the RAR battalions– ANZAC linked and others, and RAR itself, are mentioned.

MURPHY, Edward F – Dak To: The 173rd Airborne Brigade in south Vietnam’s Central highlands, June-November 1967

Presidio Press, Novato California, 1993

ISBN: 0891414290

Index, maps, B & W photographs, bibliography; 355 pages.

While primarily an Us history, it does contain material on 1 RAR and their supporting arms which served as part of the 173 Airborne Brigade in 1965-66.

PIKE, Douglas – War, Peace and the Viet Cong

Terra Australia Books, Diasy Hll QLD, 1967

ISBN: 10: 02662160285

B & W illustrations; 186 pages.

Published in a range of locations and times this book provides a strategic and operational account fot the Vietnam war focusing on the Viet Cong against whom the Australians fought.

ROTTMAN, G – Viet Cong and NVA Tunnels and Fortifications of the Vietnam War

Osprey Publishing, London,2006

ISBN: 10: 1 84603003 X

ISBN: 13: 9781846030031

Index, colour and B & W photographs and illustrations; 64 pages.

Book 48 in the Osprey Fortress series, this publication addresses the typical range of tunnels and fortifications regularly encountered by RAR troops in Vietnam.

ROTTMAN, Gordon L – Viet Cong Fighter

Osprey Publishing London, 2007

ISBN: 9781846031267

Index, Colour and B & W photographs; 64 pages.

Book 116 in the Warrior Osprey series, this publication provides a broad coverage of the local enemy in Vietnam, known to the RAR who fought them as Viet Cong, Charlie or VC.

SOUTER, G & J – The Vietnam War Experience

Carlton Books, USA, 2008

ISBN-10: 1844420574

ISBN-13: 978-1844420575

Index, audio CD; 64 pages.

This US book brings to life the experiences of ordinary soldiers on both sides of the Vietnam conflict in which the RAR participated, at the same time putting their stories into a global and political context. Contains rare facsimiles of actual documents.

STANTON, Shelby L – Vietnam Order of Battle

Galahad Books, New York, 1986

ISBN: 0891937005

Index, bibliography; 396 pages.

Contains a chapter on Australian and NZ Orders of Battle in the campaign. This is the complete illustrated reference to the US Army and Allied ground forces in Vietnam. A data source that is encyclopedic in scope and astonishing detail.

WIEST, Andrew (Editor) – Rolling Thunder in a Gentle Land: The Vietnam War

Osprey Publishing Ltd UK, 2006

ISBN 9781846930206 184603020X (hbk)

336 pages, index, bibliography

A wide-ranging perspective on the Vietnam War with one chapter providing the Australian and New Zealand experience. Later 316 page edition in 2013 (ISBN-10: 1782001875; ISBN-13: 978-1782001874).

WOODRUFF, Mark W. – Unheralded Victory: Who Won the Vietnam War?

Harper Collins Publishers, 2000

ISBN-10: 0004725190

ISBN-13: 978-0004725192

Index, bibliographical references; 360 pages.

Although primarily an American analysis of why the war was lost it is also applicable to research on Australia’s role and on its perspective as to whether the war was “lost” while Australian forces were so deployed. The RAR operations are mentioned throughout.



(Somalia 1992-93, Rwanda 1994-95, Cambodea 1994-95, Papua New Guinea 1946 to 1975, East Timor 1999-2012, Bouganville 1994, The Solomon Islands 2000 -2008, all remaining deployments not covered by UN or above (Rhodesia, Uganda)

Nil entry

IRAQ 2003-09 and 2014–ongoing

Nil entry

AFGHANISTAN 2006-ongoing


McNAB, Chris – The Barrett Rifle: Sniping and anti-materiel rifles in the War on Terror

Osprey Publishing, Oxford, 2016

ISBN: 978 1 4728 1101 1

Index, bibliography; 80 pages.

Includes 2 Commando Regiment’s longest sniping hit in history (p 53). See also Wahlert and Linwood (One Shot Kills) in Part 1. Soldiers and their commanding officer interviewed by the Registrar were/had been RAR members, and worked with RAR counterparts in Afghanistan.


(Civilian Humanitarian Disaster ops (incl Darwin 1975 and other cyclones and floods, overseas eg PNG, Indian Ocean, and lately, Border Operations, and DACC (non-disaster) eg Olympics and Commonwealth Games and other government support eg APEC, G20)

Nil entry