All we want is a fair go! The RAR Association as a major partner in the Alliance of Service and Ex-Service Organisation is appealing to everyone in the whole Defence community of serving and former service men and women, and their families, to support our campaign for superannuation pension justice. We want the Government to remedy the unfair and discriminatory features of our military superannuation schemes, especially the grossly unfair indexation formula, and have the Opposition and other parties support us in their election policy platforms. We want the same indexation formula as the Age/Service pension so that our superannuation pension purchasing power is protected over time.



  1. Over the last 20 years military psneions based on compulsory (pre-tax) contributions are 50% of what they should be. Aged and politician’s psneions are based on a wage based system, but military psneions are linked to the CPI, which is unfair according to the Bureau of Statistics. For successive governments to do nothing, or worse still say they are going to fix it, and then do nothing for the people that have put their lives on the line for Australia, is nothing short of treachery.

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